Founded in 1997, Kingston Upon Hull Swimming Club is a friendly, competitive swimming club; catering for swimmers of all abilities and ages from Hull and the surrounding areas.  The Club helps it's members learn how to swim; develop swimming skills, advance techniques, prepare for competition and personally excel at all levels of the Club.  

Kingston upon Hull offers a structure that will enable swimmers to progress from Stage 7 to National Champions by following our squad pathway. 

The Club's aim is to create well rounded young athletes through a stimulating, challenging and competitive swimming environment. 

Championed by dedicated coaches and volunteers our swimmers are supported to reach their individual potential. 

Kingston upon Hull Swimming Club swimmers range from 7 years old to 87 years old across our Development, Performance and Masters squads. 

The Club continually has swimmers training for County, Regional, National and European competitions.  Striving for greatness and podium/medal success, we ensure that each individual swimmer is supported to achieve their goals. 

If you are interested in joining the Club or or would simply like more information, then please CONTACT US today! 

We are currently accepting new members via an initial
Trial Swimming Session