Gala & Race Selection

KUHSC is a coach led competitive swimming club and thus it is the squad coach who will decide which competitions and events swimmers enter. Swimmers must NOT be entered for additional events prior to or on the day of a gala without the consent of the coach. Unless directed by the coach, no away gala entry or direct contact requesting entry shall be made with the away gala club. As regards club galas, the squad coach will advise swimmers as to which events they should enter.

Entry Forms

It is the responsibility of the swimmer/parent to ensure that all information on the form is completed correctly.

  • Swim England membership numbers must be written on each form.
  • Fees should be paid by BACS. Payments should arrive in the KUHSC account on or by the closing date, otherwise the entry will be rejected.
  • Gala forms must clearly state the payment reference (gala & swimmer surname) together with the date of transfer.
  • Gala forms are to be handed in to your own squad manager on or before the closing date set by your squad coach
  • Electronic emailed forms will not be accepted

Entry forms which are not completed correctly or do not include payment details will not be accepted by the squad manager.

If an incomplete / incorrect form is received by the KUHSC Gala Entry Secretary, it will be rejected. 

Forms handed in after the entry closing date will be rejected. Late entries may only be approved by the KUHSC Chairperson and only under extenuating circumstances.

KUHSC is run by a small group of unpaid volunteers and the above rules are essential to facilitate the smooth and efficient running of the gala entry process.