Squad Criteria 
Swimmers improve from three main aspects; technique, growth and training. Young swimmers will generally improve from growth and technique alone, but at youth/age level, attending sessions becomes essential to improvement as they have a huge effect on performance, strength, skill & fitness.

Minimum 7 sessions BUT will be subject to individual assessment/requirement, leading to 8/9 sessions.

   Compulsory Session
All swimmers are to attend Monday & Saturday AM sessions.

Good technique is a prerequisite for success. Technique takes focus and concentration on the task. Having a sound foundation in technique allows the athlete to then increase training intensity and volume without skill levels breaking down.

   Training Ethos
A swimmer’s ability to train well will have a direct impact as to whether they capitalise on key areas of progression. A swimmer’s ability to train will be evaluated on work ethic, concentration, skill acquisition, communication, and ability to train at a required pace or volume without breaking skill levels breaking down. At youth level swimmers need to have the right mental attitude and the will to want to train to improve. Sessions will be challenging but in order for performance to increase, these sessions must be met with the right mental attitude to gain the maximum benefit.

  Racing Abilities
In any competitive sport the ability to race is extremely important; swimming is no different. As each swimmer goes through the programme, racing requirements will become more advanced from showing an enjoyment of racing to performing at National level. Discipline Every swimmer’s behaviour will be taken into consideration as part of the squad selection process.

   Training Basics
After the prep phase at the start of each swimming year, swimmers will be expected to be able to hold form in repetition of 100, 200, 400 and 800 or 1500 front crawl.
Swimmers will be expected to hold form in speed, threshold and pace sets.
All swimmers must be able to kick off 2.0 min base per 100m.
All swimmers will be expected to swim freestyle off 1.25 base per 100 and IM off 1.40.

   Gym Sessions
These sessions should be attended by everyone. They are part of the whole programme and  assist in increasing core stability, strength, flexibility and body alignment. Band work will be an essential part of pre-pool training. Training is intense so injury prevention exercises must be carried out every day.