Volunteers are the most important element of any Swimming Club and KUHSC is no different.

KUHSC is 99% run with volunteer support and this is not only by parents/carers but also by members without swimmers. They all give up a their free time to help our athletes achieve the best they can be. The trustees of the club (also Volunteers) are nominated and elected at the annual general meeting, held in March each year, which all members can attend and vote.

To find more information on our trustess and their roles click HERE


Most of KUHSC’s coaches are also volunteers (all but 2 don’t even have swimmers with the club). They all work full time jobs during the day and then offer their free time at poolside 5-6 nights a week to help our children achieve their potential, but it doesn’t end there. They also spend time in the evenings at home writing up training plans, compiling gala entry forms, maintaining individual athletes records of PB’s and qualifying times. They also support our athletes at galas, thereby spending full weekends on the poolside on top of the 5-6 days a week they spend training. The dedication they and the massive support their family’s offer to KUHSC is immense and KUHSC could not exist without these; our coaches.

Volunteers are the most important element of any swimming Club and KUHSC needs the support of all members in helping our children with there dreams and support of their dedication.

The organising of Galas is completely carried out by volunteers and it involves a lot of planning and arranging. KUHSC is very grateful for all the help and time donated. It is so important for our children and KUHSC’s survival.

Every single bit of support is vital and some things might seem small and not important but are in fact huge. Things like putting ropes and flags in and out at training sessions, people who shares the sitting in the pool controllers chair, handing out water at galas, looking after the tadpoles at galas, collecting gala forms, training to be lifeguards to support at training and at Galas, helping our coaches on poolside in training, management of squad registers, timekeeping, judging, notice boards, reports for the newspaper, the website, fund raising, photographs, imputing all the swimmers details into the gala computer system, managing the clubs finances, liaising with the council, booking pools, managing swim 21 accreditation, welfare management, club shop, sweet stall, door control at galas, tombola, managing the car park at galas and the list goes on and on. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes but without it, KUHSC would not exist. By helping out in any small way, you will be supporting your child’s swimming journey.

Please see below a document detailing all positions we need volunteers to cover for every gala. If you would like to help in any area, please contact the Volunteer Manager, Mike Blain, either by his email [javascript protected email address], or by chatting to him on poolside.
Please visit our Resources page for some downloadable documents regarding volunteering information. You can access the Resources page from the “Dry Side” Menu option, or by clicking HERE.