Trustees & Officers

Below are our Elected Members, Co-Opt Members and Club Officers for the 2015 year.

All the below members are volunteers and as well as taking on their assigned roles below, all also contribute with the role of Club Strategies and Development

The trustees meet on a monthly basis on the last Friday of the month. The minutes for these meetings are available to all on request.

Elected Members

Steve Collins

Steve is the current club Chairperson and also handles the roles of Coaches Interface, Club Demographics, Sponsorship/Grants/Advertising Gala Programs and finally Club Strategies & Development

Ali Kingdom

Ali is the current Club Secretary and also handles the roles of Media Reports & Media Squad Mangers and finally Pool Bookings, Companies House & Insurance.

Lewis Kingdom

Lewis is the current Club Treasurer.

Mike Blain

Elected Member
Mike handles the roles of Employees, Volunteer’s Management and SWP’s & Coaches Interface,

Nina Curran

Elected Member
Nina handles the roles of Gala’s (Home and Away) Organisation, Medals, Volunteers, Timetable, Timekeeper, Judge‘s Training & Swim 21.

Nikki Bull

Elected Member
Nikki handles the roles of Squad/Movement Management, Pool Controllers, Web, Social & Club Communication and finally Marketing and Club Communications.

Natalie Fee

Elected Member
Natalie handles the roles of Lifeguards, and Training and finally Uniform & Club Merchandise.

Samantha Raithby

Elected Member
Samantha handles the roles of Club & ASA Memberships.

Helen Candlin

Elected Member
Helen handles the roles of Uniform & Club Merchandise, Door Gala Box and finally Complaints.

Co-Opt Members

The club do not currently have any Co-Opt Members.

Club Officers

Kelly Rispin

Welfare Officer
Kelly is the clubs Welfare Officer. You can read more about Child Welfare from the 'Dry Side' menu at the top of the page.