Competition Standards


Why we swim down

No swim down means:-

  • Poor performance
  • Sore aching muscles
  • No energy
  • More injuries

Swim down is not only important for competition, but is also vital after every training session!

What will happen if you don't swim down?

  • Your next swim will be compromised/your training will start to suffer
  • You will start to get tired early in the race/you will be too tired to train
  • You will not perform to your best in training or at competition


  • Don't just sit there - keep moving!!
  • Swim down :-
    • INTENSITY :- Moderate
    • DURATION :- Minimum 800 metres
  • If there is no swim down facility :-
    • Skip
    • Use stretch bands
    • (both low intensity)
  • Rehydrate :-
    • Make sure you have sport drink after your swim. If you are dehydrated you cannot swim your best no matter how hard you try

How does the body remove lactate?

The lactate produced by the muscles during a maximal swim moves to the blood where it is used by the muscles, liver and the heart.

This is achieved by increasing the blood flow to the muscles which allows the waste products to be removed.

This process produces heat, which causes the body to become dehydrated - this will affect your next swim.

What is the best way to recover?

  • Passive Recovery (Just sit and do nothing!!!)
    • Passive recovery after a race or maximal effort failed to significantly reduce lactate levels, even after 30 mins
  • Massage
    • Similar to passive recovery - levels still high after 30 min BUT god for relaxation of body and mind (before or after race)
  • Active Recovery (Swim Down)
    • This has been shown to be the best method of lactate removal. The more muscles involved the more rapid the lactate removal will be

After a race

  • Increased lactate levels
  • Increased waste products in the blood
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased breathing rate
  • Increased adrenaline (excitement)

Main goal after a race

  • Reduce lactate levels to resting levels
  • Remove waste products from the blood
  • Reduce heart rate and breathing rate to resting level
  • Restore energy stores


KUHSC Easter A/B Entries List

The KUHSC Easter A/B 2015 Meet is now Closed and we thanks all those club participating and we are sure you will have a great weekend.

To download the full Accepted Entries List please click HERE

Posted : Friday, Mar 13 2015

Up & Coming Meets

The club have provisionally released the competitive meets that they intend to enter up until June 2015. You can download the listing by clicking HERE

Posted : Monday, Feb 2 2015

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